Thursday, 22 August 2013

Free Mind Scholar

FreeMind Scholar is a mind mapping tool centering on the special needs of researchers and is based on the well-known FreeMind. As such, FreeMind Scholar owns all features of the classic FreeMind plus some more. FreeMind Scholar provides you with all the functionality that the classic FreeMind offers you and that is actually a lot.  

In its existing version, FreeMind Scholar offers two main functions besides the extensive functionality of FreeMind. 
  1. FreeMind Scholar lets you to allot BibTeX keys to the mind map's entries. This way you can structure thoughts and consequences of academic articles in a mind map and directly reference to their origins.
  2. FreeMind Scholar allows the import of PDF bookmarks via drag & drop. The standard FreeMind only enables to drag & drop complete PDFs into the mind map.
FreeMind Scholar is built in Java and should run under Windows (95, etc., XP, Vista), Linux and Mac OS. All you require is to set up Java 1.6 or later which is obtainable for free. FreeMind itself is also 100% free and published under the GNU/GPL license.

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